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Basement Bathroom Renovation

Basement bathrooms should be equally comfortable, just like the other bathrooms in the house. Homeowners are often grappled with questions on how best to undertake these renovations as a way of giving their basement the most appealing appearance and comfort.

Basement Bathroom Renovation Tips


Plumbing connections for the whole house are usually found in the basement. When renovating your basement bathroom, ensure that the connection to the drainage system is in perfect condition. Look out for leakages and replace broken plumbing pipes for better performance.

Add a window

Your basement is most definitely one of the stuffiest sections of your house if not well-maintained due to its location. This also contributes to its stuffiness in the basement bathroom. Correct this by adding a window to it. The window will ensure free air circulation within the bathroom and easy it of stuffiness.

Improve the lighting

Your basement bathroom should be well lit. The lighting in the bathroom is essential when you are washing your body or using the toilet. Improve this by adding more bulbs where necessary. If your basement bathroom has a tub, put dim lights around it. You might consider putting brighter light bulbs around the mirror and the dressing area.

Hidden toilet tanks

You definitely want to maximize on the available space in your basement bathroom. Install the toilet tanks within the wall frame inserted during the renovation process. This will also improve the ambiance of your bathroom. You also have the option of using pressure valves instead of the toilet tanks.

Textured tiles on the floor

Just like in any other bathroom, you have to consider safety precautions. The first safety measure for the bathroom is the installation of textured tiles. When showering, the floor will get wet and soapy. These textured bathroom tiles prevent instances of slipping and falling on the bathroom floor when taking a shower.

Avoid installing a tub

You definitely want to use the basement floor sparingly. For this to be effectively achieved, avoid installing, and instead install a shower in your basement bathroom.

Basement Bathroom Renovation

How to cut basement bathroom renovation costs

Before the toronto basement finishing yo must calculate you renovation cost:

Cut the cost of tiles

Apart from the floor of your basement bathroom, the walls don’t need tiles. You can either choose to use cheaper tiles on the walls or paint it all together. This will help you in cutting the cost of the tiles, which is likely to be very expensive.


With a smaller budget, the best way to go about your renovation is through painting. Your basement bathroom is more susceptible to molds and mildew due to the moisture involved. Invest in high-quality paint that will prevent these from undermining your renovation efforts.

You can redo instead of buying

Instead of entirely replacing your tub, you can get a professional to reline it for you. This will prove to be much cheaper. You also have the option of refinishing it yourself if they are made from porcelain, fiberglass cast iron. However, you will have to avoid doing to the sinks and shower fixtures as this may prove to be expensive compared to purchasing new ones.

You can also buy second hand

Used fixtures, toilets and showers exist in the market. You can cut your basement bathroom renovation cost by using these used parts. These can be sourced from stores dealing in second-hand wares within your locality.

Importance of Basement Bathroom Renovation

Extra bathroom space

By renovating your basement bathroom, you create an extra private room in your home. This enables you to comfortably host visitors in your home as they are assured of enough privacy.


With an extra well maintained bathroom in your basement, you are assured of convenience. Take for instance when you have a playroom in the basement. The bathroom will conveniently carter for your needs without necessarily coming to the upper rooms.


Renovation of the basement bathroom increases the value of your entire home. This is an advantage to you as it can act as a security when you are procuring loans. The house is also likely to attract high bids when you decide to put it up for sale. This is the desire of every homeowner.

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